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5 Beautiful Hot Springs in Vietnam To Indulge

beautiful hot springs in Vietnam

Are you looking for something out of the ordinary? Find your way to these beautiful hot springs in Vietnam and pamper yourself in soothing water for relaxation and amazing health benefits.

Though hot springs are not a staple of Vietnam, you can experience authentic bathing while feeling another aspect of traveling in this country. Hot springs are dotted across the country, at scenic areas hidden in natural wonders. Here we’re making this list of the best hot springs in Vietnam that are worth your visit.

1. Kenh Ga Hot Springs (Ninh Binh)

Kenh Ga Hot Springs, discovered in the French colonial period, is located in Kenh Ga Village, Gia Thinh Commune which is 20km away from the city center of Ninh Binh and about 90km away from Hanoi. The water temperature remains stable at 135°F containing various minerals such as sodium, magnesium and calcium.

Each spa with a capacity of up to 70 guests offering 16 jacuzzis gives nothing short of perfect relaxation. The Japanese-inspired theme guarantees an authentic atmosphere as guests can enjoy nature’s beauty so close.

What’s more? After soaking in these natural spas, you can cruise along Hoang Loang River to continue your journey to discover peaceful karst formations and paddy fields.

Don’t forget to visit celebrated spots like Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, Tam Coc-Bich Dong and many more places to discover Ninh Binh, one of the most charming hidden gems in Vietnam.

? Gia Thinh, Gia Vien District, Ninh Binh Province

Also worth visiting: Tam Coc-Bich Dong, Bai Dinh Pagoda, Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve

2. Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh (Quang Ninh)

Officially opened in March 2020, Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh brings Japanese touches to the North of Vietnam. This is one of a few onsens that gives an exotic feel of artistic Japanese style outside the country.

Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh is highlighted by Japanese architecture that focuses on even the smallest details to satisfy all of your senses. The surrounding lush green is what makes its beauty coexisting with nature.

Most importantly, the world-class service stands out. You can experience quite a range of treatments including the well-known Hinoki Himalayan bath soak. There are public and private onsens with various standards and facilities catering to your requirements.

? Unit 5, 9B Zone, Quan Hanh, Cam Pha, Quang Ninh 

Also worth visiting: Cua Van Floating Village

3. Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs (Hue)

hot springs in Vietnam


About 30km to the northwest of Hue city lies Thanh Tan Hot Springs, a complex with accommodations, restaurants and entertainment facilities. The hot springs here were discovered in 1928 and now become a part of Openasia Group.

The water temperature can reach 155°C, going down across the springs. You have a chance to enjoy the hot spring bathing and gradually fall for the gorgeous scenery. The mineral contents of the water are gentle to skin, so bathing is both fun and good for your health.

Though Thanh Tan Hot Springs is not a typical busy hot spring resort, excitement is everywhere. You can try Zipline or rope bridge walking That will be an adventure experience to remember!

? Phong Son, Phong Dien District, Thua Thien Hue Province

Also worth visiting: Thien Mu Pagoda, Imperial City

4. Than Tai Hot Springs Park (Danang)

Than Tai Hot Springs Park is exactly a place for the whole family while visiting Central Vietnam. Not many consider this destination to include in their trip to Danang, however, the hot springs here will make a totally different sense for visitors.

The location in Ba Na – Nui Chua Nature Reserve makes it an ideal retreat for relaxation since 2016. With Japanese-style baths, the park gives unique bathing experiences you must try. Rich minerals will be a gift to refresh the whole body and free your mind from stress. There are mud baths, green tea baths, wine baths, coffee baths as well as milk baths, and the longer you stay, the more you want to soak in those.

Just like any other typical water park, the spot boasts exciting waterslides, wave pools, jacuzzi, black holes and many more that will bring fun for all family members.

Don’t forget to discover some sights nearby including the Maitreya Statue, Long Huyet Lake and Mud Arena. There is also an airy 4-story restaurant offering outstanding dishes and some other conference facilities.

If you want to understand more about Danang, try to visit Ba Na Hills, Dragon Bridge, Marble Mountains. Make sure to enjoy different aspects of the city and you will be surprised!

? 14G Highway, Hoa Phu Commune, Hoa Vang District, Danang

Also worth visiting: Ba Na Hills, Golden Bridge

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5. Binh Chau Hot Springs (Vung Tau)

With more than 70 outdoor pools fed by the hot springs starting from 98°F, this hot spring destination is ideal for visitors to stop by to recover from fatigue of their long journeys. The water here is said to have extremely good health benefits that help with fatigue and muscular pain.

Visitors can reach Binh Chau Hot Springs from Ho Chi Minh City within three hours of driving. It’s not just the bathing experience that makes this area get on visitors’ good side. The highest temperature of the springs can jump up to 180°F, making it perfect to boil some eggs that are sold on site.

If you need an adrenaline-rush activity, try feeding crocodiles here. If you need some spa treatments, try body massages, massage with herbs, hot stone massage or salt massage. There are some things for everyone here.

Since Binh Chau Hot Springs is just 60km away from Vung Tau, you can either choose to stay on site or travel back to Vung Tau and discover other places of interest.

? National Route 55 Binh Chau, Xuyen Moc, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province

Also worth visiting: Binh Chau – Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve

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Hot springs do not seem to be in visitor’s right mind when it comes to traveling to a tropical country like Vietnam. Turns out, many feel the calling to visit these natural spas, and unique bathing experiences are growing on those who look for sticking out experiences.

If you have made up your mind to visit some of these amazing hot springs in Vietnam, you can visit them all time of the year while combining with typical attractions of the city. Never miss out on a chance to take a dip in nature and feel as fresh as a daisy.

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Written by Trinh Tran

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