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Office Team

giang vu

Giang Vũ

Founder & Owner of Maika Tours

Giang is not only Maika Tours’ main tour guide he is also the owner and founder. Named after his daughter, Giang started the company back in 2013. He has always been passionate about travel and tourism and wished to work within the industry from a young age.

He began working as a tour guide at the end of 2005 when he led motorbike tours of up to 16 people in his hometown of Hue. At the beginning of 2007, he became a tour leader and ran hundreds of trips up and down the country. He also has experience running tours in Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. He has also worked as Deputy Operations Manager for Peak DMC, which manages such big-name travel companies as Intrepid Travel, Exodus Travel,, Peregrine Adventures, Gecko Adventures, and The Adventures Company.

Giang studied English at university and subsequently completed a four-month course to obtain his tour guide license. When he isn’t working you’ll find him spending time with his family, playing musical instruments, taking photographs, and travelling around the world himself.

Favourite Place in Vietnam: His hometown of Hue, Ho Chi Minh City, and the Mekong Delta.

Hồng Trầm/Jessica

Co-Founder & Co-Owner of Maika Tours

Jessica studied hospitality for one year in Switzerland and a further three years in the US. She is invaluable to the company, managing administration, accommodation bookings, and air tickets as well as many more things behind the scenes.

Before moving back to her hometown of Ho Chi Minh City, Jessica was a hotel manager in Hoi An. Her excellent customer service experience and outstanding hospitality knowledge make her the ideal person to ensure all our guides do the best possible job!

When not working at Maika Tours, Jessica loves doing charitable activities. Travelling and cooking are her favourite pastimes.

Favourite Food: Eating is her religion. She loves all kinds of food but particularly local Vietnamese cuisine.

Hiền Nguyễn

Hiền Nguyễn

Chief Accountant

Hien came to Ho Chi Minh City to study at university and decided to settle down here since falling in love with this modern and hospitable city. As an experienced accountant, she is a true asset to Maika Tours.

After working in high-pressure, large companies, she decided to change the working environment to apply her accounting knowledge in a travel company. She is honest, studious, responsible, and also a true foodie. You will never get bored with her travel tales.

Favourite Thing To Do Outside Work: Travel!

Tuyền Võ

Tuyền Võ

Business Development and Tour Operator

Tuyen finds working as a tour operator a perfect fit for her because she is good at making plans, organizing things to arrange her customers’ perfect trips, and she is always aiming at gaining the most satisfying experience for them. Her goals are to create more outstanding products and gain hands-on skills to improve her productivity. The longer she works in the tourism field, the more fascinated she becomes thanks to the interesting knowledge shared by her colleagues and positive feedback from her customers.

She was born and grew up in Central Vietnam but moved to Ho Chi Minh City to follow an English major in university, so she loves the city as her second home.

Favourite Thing To Do Outside Work: Enjoy street food with her friends or travel to the sea to get tanned.

Nhi Lý

Nhi Lý

Tour Operator

Being in love with the hospitality and tourism industry, Nhi decided to join Maika Tours Operation Team with all her passion and enthusiasm. Nhi graduated from the university in 2018 after four years of majoring in tourism. During this time, she had lots of experiences from being a motorbike tour guide in Ho Chi Minh City (her hometown) for various street food companies. She pays close attention to detail to ensure everything goes the right way.

In her spare time, she loves to go around the city to explore new things including the local foods and beverages. For her, travelling makes her more mature thanks to the lessons she can learn and the new friends she makes on the way.

Her quote: “Don’t waste your time doing nothing!”

Trinh Tran

Trinh Trần

Content Executive

Trinh’s great passion is for words and languages. She studied linguistics before jumping into the world of creative writing. She tries to present things in a way that hasn’t been done before so that she can make her creative efforts bear fruit.

At Maika Tours, Trinh promotes the company’s products and services by developing content for the website and social media platforms. She always looks for exclusive content, stunning visuals of Vietnam’s scenery and people, combined with informative travel tips. She and the Maika Tours Team strive to introduce an amazing image of Vietnam to the world.

Her philosophy: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

Tour Guide Team

3 people smiling

Tân Lê/David

David decided to become a tour guide back in 2012. He fell in love with travelling, seeing new landscapes, and learning about different cultures in Vietnam. He was born in Ben Tre province in the Mekong Delta but has been living in Ho Chi Minh City since 2005. He was drawn to the capital because of its cosmopolitan culture and a desire to learn new skills in the city.

His top recommendations for anyone visiting Vietnam would be a visit to Sapa, Hạ Long Bay, or Hội An. His personal favourite spots are Ho Chi Minh City, Củ Chi, and the Mekong Delta areas.

Favourite Food & Drink: Bánh Mì, a yummy Vietnamese baguette. He also enjoys a little Vietnamese ‘Rice Wine’ with friends.

man smiling in front of large public building holding briefcase

Việt Nguyễn

Viet has been working as a tour guide since 2010. To him, becoming a tour guide is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and make new friends from all over the world, as well as to enrich his travel experience and widen his knowledge. His sense of humour and friendliness, plus a passion for his job always bring satisfaction to his customers on tours. When it comes to recommending a place for foreigners, the first one he can think of is Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), a dynamic city with lots of amazing things worth a try. Saigon always welcomes new friends with its hospitality, different kinds of tasty special dishes combining the flavours of three regions of Vietnam.

Favourite Food: Pho (Vietnamese noodles), bread, and many kinds of seafood.

man smiling in front of waterfall

Công Yolo

Cong started to work as a professional tour guide back in 2013 and instantly fell in love with the job. His favourite aspect of guiding is getting to show off his beautiful country to people from all over the world. He also loves getting to use his English language skills and learn about the cultures of the people who come on the tours.

Cong was born in Northern Vietnam but moved to Ho Chi Minh City to attend university and quickly fell in love with the “crazy city”. As such he decided to settle and make it his permanent home. Cong enjoys showing visitors around Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong areas, and the Cu Chi Tunnels.

Favourite Dish: Seafood, snails, and any other weird local foods!

man posing on beach with turquoise water

Huy Trần

Huy is one of the best tour guides having been with Maika Tours since the very beginning. He was born and grew up in Buon Ma Thuot City, well known as the “Coffee Capital” but he moved to Hue city, in Central Vietnam for higher education. His first experience working as a tour guide was in 2012 when he guided two friends from the US to visit a small village in Khe Sanh, Quang Tri province for charity projects. Then he realized that he wanted to introduce the charming beauty of Vietnam to all people on this planet. So he decided to become a tour guide and has been working in Saigon, a sleepless city, since 2014.

His favourite places in Vietnam: Saigon, the Mekong Delta, Central Highlands, Hue City, and Sapa.

Favourite Drink: “Cà phê sữa đá” or “Iced condensed milk coffee”, which is the most popular drink for the Vietnamese.

His motto: “Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.”

Liên Candy

Liên Candy

As a travel lover, Liên Candy chose to become a tour guide so that she never has to work a day in her life. Starting her first tour in 2016, she has never stopped enriching her knowledge to share with tourists her stories, history, and culture of Vietnam. She wants to be a travel ambassador who connects tourists with Vietnam rather than merely a person showing them the visible beauty of her country. She loves introducing people to the peaceful Mekong Delta where she has travelled countless times and still discovers new things whenever she goes.

Favourite Dish: Vietnamese pancake (a combination of crispy flour, seafood, and many herbs served with sweet chilli and garlic sauce.)

woman smiling with wide-brimmed hat

Xuân Huyền

When greeting new friends, she usually gets started with the explanation of her name – Xuan Huyen – a meaningful name in the Vietnamese language translated as, “the spring that lasts forever”. She has a free soul, dreaming of flying everywhere like the wind. To make her dream come true, she decided to pursue a tourism major so that she can work as a professional tour guide to accompany travellers to different destinations. Where she grew up, women are encouraged to get married in their early twenties and settle down with their families. Huyen with her strong personality did not want to lead her life that way so she chose college and then became a guide in 2013. She loves Vietnam for the very simple things that she witnesses every day, the gentle smiles of local people though they have to work under very hard conditions and even the noisy sound from the speakers on the street vendors’ bikes.

Huyen is especially fond of guiding tourists to experience their trip in a local way such as visiting local markets, trying bargaining skills, and enjoying tasty local dishes.

Favourite Food: Bun mam (fermented fish broth with noodles, pork, squid, shrimp, and eggplant). Its smell is not so enticing but when eating you might fall in love with this delicious dish right away.

Cao Biền

Cao Biền

Mr Cao Bien thinks that being a tour guide is an opportunity to travel to many places and to show his love for Vietnam since he can introduce the beauty of the country and its people to international friends. He is one of the senior tour guides at Maika Tours, starting his career in the 1990s. With his enthusiasm and tireless attitude, he always has great stories to share ensuring people enjoy their trips to the fullest. He is rich in life and travel experiences and is certainly willing to share his experience with anyone with the same passion.

Favourite Places: Ha Long Bay, Sapa, Hanoi, Hue, Saigon, Nam Cat Tien National Park, and the Mekong Delta.

Favourite Dishes: Traditional Vietnamese food such as Pho, Spring Roll, and Pancakes.

woman smiling indoors with black jacket and shirt

Hoàng Lan

Lan is originally from a small island in the middle of the Red River Delta to the northwest of Hanoi. There are only 500 families living there and 95% are farmers. She moved to Hanoi in 2011 for university and she has been living in the capital for about 7 years. She loves travelling, adventuring, sharing stories, and cuisine as well. Lan has been working as a tour guide for the last 3 years. She loves our cuisine, history, culture, tradition, and the people here in Vietnam. She would love to show you the hidden gems of Hanoi for the best experience ever during your trip!

Favourite Food: Bun Cha, Cha Ca, and homemade dishes.

Duy Tran

Mr Duy’s dream was to become a tour guide in order to travel to as many places as he could and make friends with people from around the world, and he has achieved it since 2005. With over ten years of experience, he can understand the tourists’ expectations of the trip right when he meets them. While on tour, he thinks that he’s travelling with his friends instead of leading a tour so that they can enjoy the trip together.

Favourite Places: Ho Chi Minh City, the Mekong Delta, Hoi An Ancient Town, and Ha Long Bay.

Favourite Dishes: Pho (Vietnamese Noodles) and Banh Xeo (Southern Vietnamese Pancake).

Dzung Pham

Dzung Pham

Mr Dzung is a great tour guide who can speak both English and Spanish and do his job confidently. He loves the feeling of bringing his guests the best experience during their Vietnam trip; therefore, he has been tirelessly working as a tour guide since 2003. People love him for his sense of humour, expansive knowledge, and responsible nature.

Favourite Places: Every corner of Ho Chi Minh City, the floating market in Mekong Delta, and Cu Chi Tunnels.

Favourite Dishes: Boiled chicken with salt, pepper, and lemon leaves, Pho, Bun Bo Hue.

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