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Safe Destinations in Vietnam to Travel Post Pandemic

safe destinations in Vietnam

COVID-19 pandemic has hit the tourism industry and ruined many dream vacations in just a blink of an eye. This is a real nightmare for any globetrotter but it does not mean that you will never travel again. Travel post pandemic is still a bright future and here are some safe destinations in Vietnam. 

Is Vietnam safe to travel? Vietnam’s efforts in preventing and controlling the pandemic have kept the infection rates in this country remarkably low and with no deaths. Thanks to ‘overreaction’, Vietnam races ahead of other ASIAN countries in tourism reopening. You can plan the next trips to the best destinations in Vietnam to travel post pandemic.

Safe Destinations in Vietnam Post Pandemic

The way you travel will certainly change a lot post pandemic. That’s a scenario to take place across the globe, and here in Vietnam, foreign travelers will need to follow the regulations of the Vietnam Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of COVID-19. See Vietnam Travel Advisory COVID 19. After all necessary steps, you will be free and easy to explore the country. Here are some safest destinations in Vietnam to consider traveling post pandemic.


Hanoi is an interesting blend of traditions and modern vibes where every single moment you walk on its streets comes along with a distinctly new experience. The capital city of Vietnam is a typical example of how various scenes make up the uniqueness. Hoan Kiem Lake in the early morning is as peaceful as any place you look for serenity. Temple of Literature is more than a historic landmark, it is Vietnam’s first university. Ta Hien Street rocks your trip with sleepless nights and the Vietnamese beer culture. Hanoi comes what may be impenetrable unless you visit it.

Is Hanoi safe for traveling? Definitely. Hanoi is a friendly and safe destination in Vietnam to travel. You may find the traffic a little chaotic and honking horns too often but Hanoi is a ridiculous blend of odds. Read some Vietnam travel tips to avoid problems and go on with trouble-free plans. You may need recommendations from a reliable tour agency to plan ahead must-see destinations in Hanoi at your pace in a day tour or multi-day tour.

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Halong Bay

safe destinations in Vietnam

It is a nature’s masterpiece, it is a collection of the most beautiful limestone islands, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Halong Bay is always charming in its own way with little secrets hidden in jade-colored waters and uninhabited islands and islets. Thanks to its diverse karst landscape, Halong Bay is ideal for a wide variety of activities, from swimming and kayaking to exploring the caves. It is a favor to admire the magnificence of sunrise and sunset at one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam.

The best time to visit Halong Bay is from October to December. Other months are not less interesting as you can see the aesthetic aspect of the bay in all four seasons. Just keep in mind that months between June and September usually go with rain and typhoons. If you travel to Halong Bay from January to February, put on a sweater in case of low temperatures.

Ninh Binh 

Still question about where to travel post pandemic? A hidden gem in Northern Vietnam named Ninh Binh is a safe destination in Vietnam to be. Ninh Binh has recently become a must-visit tourist spot after its breathtaking scenery was captured in Hollywood movies including the Kong: Skull Islands. A trip to Ninh Binh is somehow like a journey to a tranquil paradise where the beauty lies in both natural wonders and cultural values.

Trang An Landscape in Ninh Binh is another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Vietnam. You can’t say you have visited Ninh Binh without paying a visit to Trang An, Tam Coc, Bich Dong, Mua Cave which also offer perfect backdrops for Instagram photos. Ninh Binh was once a capital of Vietnam in the 10th century and travelers will see cultural sites like Hoa Lu Ancient Capital has preserved its values over time.

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Ho Chi Minh City 

No trip to Vietnam would be complete without a visit to this dizzying city of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City whirls with all of its vitality and energy. Whether you visit the city for the first time or you have known the city so well, Ho Chi Minh City always has something new to stun you. Rising skyscrapers, international events, and the upcoming Ho Chi Minh City metro paint the city with lively colors. It is not only a place for sightseeing, it is a treasure trove to be discovered.

No matter how much time you have, you can admire the city from different angles. A full day Ho Chi Minh City tour is long enough to visit important landmarks such as Ben Thanh Market, Binh Tay Market, Independence Palace, War Remnants Museum or take a walking tour to enjoy the best of Saigon street food in 24 hours in Ho Chi Minh City. If you are not for an at-a-glance trip, days and days in this city will never be the same with so many things to do and see. You just need to find your way to the city center and then, fun things come.


safe destinations in Vietnam

For every postcard featuring Ao dai and Non la, Hue comes with a graceful image of a city that used to be the capital of Vietnam. Visiting Hue, you are in the journey to dig through the layers of history of the Nguyen Dynasty, the last imperial family of Vietnam. There are stories not to be told and you will never know unless you really walk into the Complex of Hue Monuments.

Hue’s grandeur also lies in the mountains and the rivers that highlight the panoramic view of heritage heartland. The Perfume River relates to the tender beauty that has become an inspiration for many Vietnamese poets. Ngu Binh Mountain is gigantic as a protector of the city. And the beaches in Hue are not less gorgeous than those in Nha Trang or Vung Tau. Lang Co Beach and Lap An Beach are two recommendations for travelers who really want to breathe the salty air.


The Golden Bridge has just done so well in promoting the image of Danang and Vietnam to the world while other attractions such as My Khe Beach or Marble Mountains diversify traveler’s experiences. It is so hard to get bored in a city where you have no choice but to be caught up in the liveliness in the air. Everything, especially the people really make you feel like you are a part of the wilds.

If you are a first-time visitor to Danang, it is strongly recommended to take Ba Na Hills and Golden Bridge Experience Tour to have a very basic view of Danang. Then, there are Marble Mountains and My Khe Beach for nature lovers. Museum of Cham Sculpture and My Son Sanctuary may be a good bet for culture vultures while Con Market will treat you with some of the best local dishes. It’s Danang and Danang’s style that fits every taste.

Hoi An

It is not strange for someone to travel to Vietnam for Hoi An. There is more than one reason to love Hoi An Ancient Town. Historic buildings, world-famous tailor-made clothing, colorful lanterns, and many more features that place Hoi An on traveler’s bucket list. You will find a true feast for your eyes.

Hoi An is beautiful in all four seasons, even in unfavorable conditions. You don’t have to look hard to find a place to travel during the rainy season in Vietnam. Rain will wash away dust and uncover Hoi An’s true nature – peaceful and serene. There is a good chance to take a sampan ride along the ‘river street’ flowing through the town.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a gem among Vietnam’s beach destinations. The city is dotted with some of the best beaches and beach resorts and hotels that fascinate travelers across the globe. Nha Trang is exactly a place to fulfill any beach lover’s dream: soak up the sun, ride the waves, feel the breeze, build sandcastles, and relax.

Beaches are not the only reason to plan a trip to Nha Trang. Nha Trang is safe before, during and post pandemic. You are more than welcomed to visit traditional handicraft villages making Vietnamese conical hats. It is a good way to better understand the locals, learn some interesting skills from them and have fun. Long Son Pagoda is also a thing to see, and if you can conquer 152 stone steps from the entrance, you will reach the main statue and have a fantastic view of the city.

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Mekong Delta

Why it is the Mekong Delta, you may ask. Because any Mekong Delta tour is an authentic travel experience that is completely different from any other city in Vietnam. You are about to get into the daily revolving around the water between the silence and chaos. Mekong Delta represents the typical simplicity of Vietnam’s rural area mixed with day-to-day bustling activities.

While most travelers have known about floating markets in the Mekong Delta, it is still an eye-opening experience to really order a cup of coffee on a boat in Cai Rang Floating Market. And if you really love sitting on a boat, then you will find something very magical to take a sampan ride through lush Tra Su cajuput forests in Dong Thap. Or a visit to Binh Thuy Ancient House in Can Tho will let you travel back in time centuries ago. Traveling to the Mekong Delta every time you cross the provincial border is a new experience to come.

Travel to Vietnam post pandemic means you are seeking safe destinations in Vietnam to travel. Travel experiences in Vietnam will be as good as they were though some changes in the global tourism industry may be unavoidable. Customizable travel experiences will be much more compelling for the best safety. Contact us for private tours in Vietnam you are interested in.

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Written by Trinh Tran

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