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Iconic Bridges in Danang, the City of Bridges in Vietnam

bridges in Danang

It is hard to say you have seen Danang if you haven’t visited the Golden Bridge. And there is a good reason that makes the Golden Bridge and some other stunning bridges in Danang never stop beautifying this city of bridges.

From white sandy My Khe Beach to breathtaking Marble Mountains, top attractions in Danang have never failed to draw more and more domestic and international visitors to the Central Vietnam. Just don’t let your Danang trip go waste by ignoring bridges the city has to offer. Here are five best bridges in Danang, the city of bridges to be on your bucket list.

Best bridges in Danang, the city of bridges

Beautiful, amazing, splendid, out-of-this-world – these words just cannot describe the magnificence of bridges in Danang to the fullest. You have to visit the city to see them right in front of your eyes. Take a tour to the most iconic bridges in Danang right down below.

Golden Bridge

Many tourists flock to Danang to marvel at the Golden Bridge on Ba Na Hills. As a part of the Sun World Ba Na Hills Theme Park, the Golden Bridge is a masterpiece of architecture stretching over 148m at the height of 1,400m above sea level. The dimensions make it blend perfectly with the green landscape, blurring the lines between the man-made work and nature’s wonder.

The most impressive highlight of the bridge is, obviously, the two giant hands covered with moss that seemingly support it from the underneath. The bridge magically pampers every step, creating the feeling of walking above the cloud and touching the sky. As its architectural philosophy, the Golden Bridge is designed to simulate the yellow silk that guides people to Thien Thai Garden (Thien Thai literally means Heaven).

The only way to reach this magnificent architecture is by cable cars. And the Golden Bridge will be the very first chapter of your journey into the wonderland of Ba Na Hills. You also find magic with the French Village, Le Jardin D’Amour Garden or Debay Wine Cellar.

Explore Ba Na Hills and Golden Bridge Experience now!

Dragon Bridge

The Dragon Bridge is praised by CNN as an icon of Asian prosperity. The design is inspired by the image of a golden dragon in the Ly Dynasty. With six lanes for traffic and 666m in length, the Dragon Bridge has a role to play in the great development of Danang’s modern transportation and tourism.

You don’t want to miss the best part of your trip to Danang by not seeing the bridge at night. The dragon is set to “wake up” at around 9.00 PM every weekend and holidays. You will see the bridge spout water and fire. In addition to that, you can have some great photos at night when the lights cover the bridge with sparkling colors.

Though the street is busy at daytime, when night comes, you can see it less chaotic. During the water and fire performance, you can opt for a location right on the bridge or take a seat at riverside coffee shops to watch. Don’t forget to marvel at the river view as the colorful light reflection is fabulous as well.

Han River Bridge

bridges in Danang
Han River Bridge sparkling at night | Photo Credit: jinxtjx

As the very first swing bridge in Vietnam, the Han River Bridge showcases the city’s vitality and Danang citizens’ pride as well. If the Dragon Bridge symbolizes the great might, the Han River Bridge is much tender and poetic at night. The bridge does not only help facilitate transportation but it also benefits tourism in this city of bridges.

At midnight at about 11.00 PM, road traffic is stopped and the bridge rotates approximately 90 degrees to let water vessels pass along the river. The whole event lasts for 15-20 minutes. And like many other bridges in Danang, the Han River Bridge is lit up every night. The bridge will become an amazing backdrop for filming and photography.

Travelers can also discover the vibrant banks of the Han River or cruise on this graceful river. Or you can walk along Bach Dang Street near the bridge to fully enjoy the fantastic nightlife of Danang.

Tran Thi Ly Bridge

bridges in Danang
Tran Thi Ly Bridge has won many architectural prizes | Photo Credit: marcolomeu

It’s just another highlight of Danang’s architecture spanning the Han River to be on your bucket list. The bridge was named after the Vietnamese heroine Tran Thi Ly who served in the Vietnam People’s Army and brutally tortured in prison. Located approximately 1km south of the Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge has been awarded many international design prizes.

For architecture enthusiasts to know, its inclined pylons are 145m high. Surprisingly, the bearings under the pylon are the largest ever to be used in bridge structures. After some renovations and reconstructions, the bridge now looks like a gigantic sailing boat from afar.

Love Bridge

There are numerous love bridges around the globe for couples to mark their love for each other. The one in Danang is also constructed with that meaning. When night falls, hundreds of heart-shaped lanterns are lit, highlighting the whole area with magical red lights.

The Love Bridge is right next to the Statue of Carp-Dragon, between the Dragon Bridge and Tran Thi Ly Bridge. This spot is an ideal location to see the sunset, fireworks and the breathtaking view of other bridges from a distance. You and your significant other can enjoy your time together in a surprisingly romantic ambience.

You can buy a lock, write your names on, and ‘lock’ your love forever here at the bridge. Compared to the famous Pont des Arts in France, the Hohenzollern in Germany or the Tretyakovsky in Russia, the Love Bridge in Danang is smaller in its size and the number of locks. The bridge is a favorite tourist attraction for romance seekers, though.

The bridges in Danang symbolize a city on the rise, a place that indulges every traveler. If you visit Danang, then see the bridges and grab the chance to travel to Hoi An Ancient Town as well. You can plan for a unique Central Vietnam Tour to UNESCO World Heritage Sites at ease. Contact us now for more information.

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